Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bland: Kings have long arms.

· Rex · King ·
Multae regum aures atque oculi.
Kings have long arms.

Bland's Commentary:
"Kings," we say, "have long arms," they have also many eyes and ears, that is, they use the ministry of their many servants and dependents, both to discover what is done that may be prejudicial to their interest, and to punish the delinquents, whose crimes may by these means have been detected, though seated at the extremities of their dominions. Hence we say, by way of caution, to persons speaking too freely, on subjects that may give offence, do you know that Les murs ont des oreilles? Walls have ears.
You can read more commentary by Bland online, and here is more about Bland's book. The image comes from the Cheezburger.com site. The poster is generated with AutoMotivator. Here is a full-sized view of the poster.

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