Thursday, April 11, 2013

Book: Phraseologia Anglo-Latina (Willis and Walker)

Title: Phraseologia Anglo-Latina
Author: Thomas Willis and William Walker
Year: 1672
Pages: 412 pages
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Description: As the title explains, this book contains "Phrases of the English and Latin tongue, whereby is shewed how to Render English proprieties into proper Latin: to which is added Paroemiologia Anglo-Latina, or a Collection of English and Latin Proverbs and Proverbial Sayings Match'd together, for the Use of Schools." The proverbs begin on p. 353 and run for only 60 pages, but they are a lot of fun! For example, the Latin "Male partum male disperit" is matched with several English sayings: "What is got over the devil's back is spent under his belly," "Ill gotten goods seldom thrive," and "Ill gotten, ill spent."

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