Sunday, January 21, 2018

Latin LOLCat: Shadow of God

This paradoxical saying is worthy of the alchemical #netnarr world, and you can see this used as the motto on a sundial below.

Lux umbra dei est.

Light is God's shadow.

(image from cheezburger)

Here's the sundial from quisnovus at Flickr: note the eerie eyes on either side!

See also Ficino writing in 1495Lumen est umbra dei which features this lovely phrase: lumen est quasi numen, "light is like a divine power" (although there's none of the word play as in the Latin lumen/numen): Denique lumen est quasi numen quoddam in mundano hoc templo dei similitudinem referens, "light is like a certain divine power bearing the likeness of God in this worldly temple."

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