Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Proverb Surveys

Below you will find a list of the available surveys. Each survey just takes a minute or two to complete. I may have added some new surveys not yet on this inventory list - here are the latest surveys. To get notifications about new additions to this site, including new surveys, you can subscribe via RSS for notifications or subscribe via email.

Survey 1. A Rolling Stone.
Survey 2. Make Hay.
Survey 3. An Apple a Day.
Survey 4. Waste Not.
Survey 5. A Fool and His Money.
Survey 6: See a Pin.
Survey 7. The Early Bird.
Survey 8. Birds of a Feather.
Survey 9. Cleanliness.
Survey 10. A Stitch.
Survey 11. A Closed Mouth.
Survey 12. All Work.
Survey 13.  While the Cat's Away.
Survey 14. Two Heads.
Here is how the surveys work:
  • You will see the first words of an English proverb.
  • If you can complete the proverb just based on those words, that's great! If you cannot complete the proverb, more and more of the proverb will be revealed and you can try to complete it at any time.
  • After the proverb is revealed, you can share your thoughts and ideas about the proverb.
  • When you are done, you can then see what others have said about the proverb.
Please feel free to do just one survey, or you can do all of them! You can choose a proverb that you think you recognize, or you might want to do a proverb that is unfamiliar to you. Any and all feedback is much appreciated; thank you in advance for your participation.

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