Friday, December 16, 2016

Canvas-Friendly LatinLOLCat Widget

I've made a new "Latin LOLCats" widget, using LOLCat images and posts from this blog. You can see the script in action in the sidebar, and also below. Each item contains a link to the corresponding blog post at this blog so that you can find out more. Unlike previous LatinLOLCat widgets that I've shared, this one has https image files and also a Canvas-friendly iframe version as you can see below

I made these widgets with Randy Hoyt's wonderful

Here is the 200-pixel-wide version (good for blog sidebars):

And here is the 400-pixel-wide version:

There is also an iframe version that you can use in Canvas or similar environment that does not allow direct use of javascripts; you can adjust the height variable as needed; I have only created an iframe version of the 400-pixel-wide widget:

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