Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bland: Among friends all things should be in common.

· Amicorum communia omnia. ·
Among friends all things should be in common.

Bland's Commentary:
Erasmus thought he could not begin his Collection better than with this apothegm, which is of great antiquity, and much celebrated, and for the same reason it is here placed first. Nothing is so frequent in our mouths, nor is any thing less common than such a conjunction of minds as deserves the name of Friendship. When a friend asks, there is no to-morrow, for he is another self. Ne ay major espejo, que el amigo viejo. Like a glass he will discover to you your own defects; and mas vale buen amigo, que pariente primo, a good friend is better than a near relation. A man, the Italians say, without friends is like a body without a soul. Chi si trova senz' amici, e come un corpo senz' anima.
You can read more commentary by Bland online, and here is more about Bland's book.

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