Monday, March 11, 2013

Bland: Cor ne edito.

· Cor ne edito. ·

(Don't eat your heart.)
Let not care corrode your heart.

Bland's Commentary:
Let not care corrode and gnaw your heart, lest you should fall into a state of despondency, and to avenge some disappointment or trouble, throw away all the blessings you enjoy, and with them your life. To this purport the Psalmist, "Fret not thyself, lest thou be moved to do evil." Por mucho madrugar, no amanéce mas aina. The Spaniards say, early rising makes it not day the sooner, or too much anxiety and care will not enable your the sooner to obtain your point; and the Italians, cento carre di pensieri, non pagaranno un' oncia di debito, an hundred cartloads of care will not pay an ounce of debt. Cura facit canos, care brings gray hairs and "care," we say, "killed the cat." But who is without care, or can escape its fangs!
You can read more commentary by Bland online, and here is more about Bland's book. I don't speak Spanish, but it looks like the contemporary form of the Spanish proverb would be something more like: No por mucho madrugar, amanece más temprano (Wiktionary), and the Italian: Cento carri di pensieri, non pagheranno un'oncia di debito. Compare also: Cento libbre di pensieri non pagano un'oncia di debito.

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