Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bland: To each his own.

·Suum cuique·
Suum cuique pulchrum.
To each his own is beautiful.

Bland's Commentary:
We each of us think, that whatever we possess, whether children, horses, dogs, houses, or any other things, are better than those of our neighbours, "all our geese are swans." Or, as a common adage has it, "Every crow thinks her own bird fair." This disposition, when not carried to excess, is rather to be encouraged than reproved, as tending to make us contented and happy, in our situations; indulged too much, it occasions our becoming dupes to sycophants and flatterers.
You can read more commentary by Bland online, and here is more about Bland's book. The image comes from the site. The poster is generated with AutoMotivator. Here is a full-sized view of the poster.

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