Monday, April 7, 2014

Poster: Golden Key

For today's daily proverb poster, I chose this cynical one about the golden key that opens any door: A golden key can open any doorTo get the meaning of this one, compare the English saying "Money talks." When you have money (gold), you can buy your way in, even if the door appears to be locked. So, if you find yourself facing a locked door, any locked door (according to the proverb), just get out your gold, and you will be able to open the door.

The Phrase Finder site provides this 16th-century English version: gold be a key for euery locke.

A golden key can open any door.
(English proverb)

You can read about this English proverb online at The Phrase Finder. The poster is made with AutoMotivator. The image is by tillwe at Flickr.

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