Sunday, April 6, 2014

Proverb: Lamb's Wool

This is a rhyming Latin proverb — Est piger AGNELLUS qui non gestat sibi VELLUS — which can be rendered in English as "Lazy is the little lamb that won't carry its own wool," although without the rhyme. I am such a fan of this rhyming Latin proverbs; they are medieval in origin, and they are written in a meter called "Leonine hexameters," with internal rhyme. For those of you who know Latin, it is indeed a dactylic hexameter! Scan it and you will see.

As for the sentiment, I agree whole-heartedly. We all have our own wool to carry, ha ha. And there is nobody who can carry your own wool for you, literal or metaphorical.

Lazy is the little lamb that won't carry its own wool.
(Latin: Est piger agnellus qui non gestat sibi vellus.)

The source for the proverb is Philosophia Patrum by Julius Wegeler (GoogleBooks). The poster is made with AutoMotivator. The image is by A Roger Davies (Flickr).

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